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The key to being heard by the environmental community is understanding Sustainability in business.

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In a world of ever increasing environmental regulation, the BEC provides support to help your business be sustainable and stay profitable.

We specifically address the unintended negative consequences of environmental over regulation and how they impact our members.

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Business is the Key to Sustainability:

A recent NPR report indicated that...

  • The government creates environmental regulations on business...
  • The EPA provides oversight and enforces environmental regulations and...
  • Environmental organizations  tell the EPA how to do their job...

One group is not invited to the conversation; The businesses being affected.

The Business Environmental Coalition is your businesses representative voice at that table, we are committed to adding the voice of business to the discussion.

We research new regulations to see how they affect member businesses. We give you warnings of the impact new regulations will have on your business and we speak up when we can make a case that these regulations over reach.

I saw a bumper sticker "Businesses are not People!" While this is true, Business Owners are people! We want clean air, clean water and for our children to grow up in a safe world just like everyone else. Many business owners work tirelessly to make the world better, cleaner and safer. But more often than not, the regulations that are put in place in the name of 'Environmentalism' are counterproductive and make us more wasteful, not less! It's a Catch 22 cycle that not only affects the business but the environment these regulations are designed to protect.

If you are a Business Owner or Executive and are not a member of the Business Environmental Coalition, make your voice heard on these critical issues. Follow this link to Join Now!


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