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SB-1383 - The Cow Fart Bill

In September 2016, the media laughed at this newly passed law which goes into full effect on January 1, 2022. But the mass of regulations and mandatory fines for all California Based Businesses as high as $10,000.00 put any unprepared business at risk... (more)


"The Fines Are Coming"

This is a direct quote from a CalRecycle employee when he told me that SB-1383 removes ALL "Good Faith Effort" clauses with regard to environmental regulation (more)

Stay Informed on Enforcement and Regulations...
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Business is the Key to Sustainability:

A recent NPR report indicated that...

  • The government creates environmental regulations on business...
  • The EPA provides oversight and enforces environmental regulations and...
  • Environmental organizations  tell the EPA how to do their job...

Is there any group not invited to this conversation? Yes, the businesses being affected.

In a time of ever increasing regulation, the Business Environmental Coalition was created to monitor enforcement of environmental regulations and keep our members informed of these changes. In addition, we reach out to environmental regulators and law makers to decrypt and sometimes influence these complex environmental issues.

We know, just like everyone else, Business Owners want clean air, clean water and our children to grow up in a safe world. Most business owners work tirelessly to create success and whenever possible, to make the world a better, cleaner and safer place. We also know that environmental regulation sometimes stands in the way of meeting these environmental goals while hobbling businesses in both meeting production objectives as well as potential environmental improvements.

The Business Environmental Coalition needs members who are not only interested in growing their business but staying ahead of overreaching environmental regulations.

Note: We are currently providing tools to help member businesses meet and exceed the environmental requirements of SB-1383 and avoid the mandatory fines associated with any violation of those regulations


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