"The Voice of Reason on Environmental Issues"

About the BEC

After 26 years, the founders of the South Bay BEC (Business Environmental Coalition) are taking their success National.

Focus and Responsibility:

01155408.JPGThe BEC is taking responsibility for defining and approving standards for environmental sustainability in business. We believe this power has been in the hands of Bureaucrats and Environmental groups with non-business agendas for too long and we intend to speak up!

We encourage and support member businesses in obtaining and sustaining reasonable environmental standards. Our focus is on voluntary participation of all businesses and through this voluntary efforts, we have an opportunity to limit over regulation which too often decreases productivity (increasing costs) and actually leads to unintended consequences which put some companies out of business and often stop companies from obtaining true sustainability.

The BEC is focused on bridging communication between law makers and member businesses. We proactively reach out to effect change at the community, state and federal level with an eye on true sustainability in business.

The BEC provides services tailored to three levels of business:

  1. Listed National and Multi-National Corporations
  2. Mid Sized and Regional Corporations
  3. Small Businesses

While Large and Mid Sized corporations take advantage of individually customized and confidential evaluation services, small businesses are encouraged to join local chapters in their community.

Chapters provide monthly networking opportunities in addition to training on environmental issues such as recycling, cost cutting and regulatory compliance.

There are three basic aspects to a sustainable business (Triple Bottom Line): 

  1. People
  2. Profits
  3. Planet (environment)

 To be a truly sustainable business, we work together to create success focusing on all three!


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