"The Voice of Reason on Environmental Issues"

Every business member of the Business Environmental Coalition agrees to the following pledge...

Pledge of Sustainability

I affirm that my successful business is dependent upon a healthy environment…

I pledge and commit to reducing the impact my business has on the environment through actively discovering new ways to be more sustainable. I commit to strive toward the following objectives:

  1. To Comply with applicable environmental regulations and whenever possible work to exceed compliance
  2. To conserve energy, water and other natural resources
  3. To develop and implement practices that prevent pollution and waste
  4. To never knowingly participate in greenwashing or other form of public deception with regard to my environmental efforts
  5. To be an environmentally responsible business, protecting the rights of future generations to enjoy a healthy planet, by being an example to my community and developing more eco-friendly habits
  6. To demonstrate my sustainable practices by updating my certificate as the environmental impact of my business changes

This oath I make freely and upon my honor!

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