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Membership Information

The Business Environmental Coalition is a Mutual Benefit Membership Corporation

Four (4) types of members:

P1020529.JPGGeneral (Business) Members - General members are business owners or business representatives with decision making authority (C-Level Executives included) meeting the requirements to transact business in their area.

Note: For large and listed corporations, while day to day management of the relationship with the BEC can  can be handled at a different level, because of the accountability on both sides of this relationship, it is necessary for an Executive to agree to the relationship.

Associate Members - Individuals, Nonprofits and non-business organizations whose activities are consistent with the BEC but are not otherwise qualified as General Members

Student Members - Interns or Students involved with the BEC as may be determined by the Board. The BEC is looking for stutents who are excited to learn and help the BEC grow in the process.

Civil Service Members - City/State/Federal Agency members and representatives of governmental organizations.

Definition of Chapter Types:

All members belong to the BEC at a "National" however, in areas where membership is high, "Chapters" are formed to provide networking and educational (training) opportunitiess in a specific region.

P1020601.JPGRegional Chapters: Most member small businesses work with and network in their city or county area. With this in mind, "Regional" chapters are responsible for organizing events and providing services to smaller businesses within their chapter region. Services include training, networking events and support in learning how to be more sustainable.

Membership Fee Structure:

Currently, the Business Environmental Coalition has 3 levels of membership available to businesses. The best way to get started is to Join Here!

Annual Dues - General (Business) Member:

Dues are based on type of member... Business, Associate, Student, Civil Service and provide services accordingly.

All business memberships include the Green Certified process.

Associate members are non-businesses. This would be...

  1. Individuals who do not have a business but would benefit from association with the BEC or could benefit the BEC (i.e. an Environmental Book Author or a Reporter)
  2. Non-profit organizations who could benefit from association with the BEC or could benefit the BEC (i.e. Environmental Organization, Chamber of Commerce).

Student Member are actively involved in education...

Student members would be active in High School or College and interested in participating in on assisting with BEC events. Like associate members, students are not listed on the BEC web site, they do not go through green certification and do not vote.

Civil Service Members represent...

Cities and City, State and Federal agencies may join the BEC to learn from and share ideas with the Environmental Business community. The BEC is committed to opening communication between govenrment regulators and businesses and we believe this is one of many ways we support this. While not required to perform green certification and not allowed to vote, government associations and facilities members are listed on the BEC web site (at their discretion).


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