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The Business Environmental Coalition (BEC) is committed to...

  • Providing a forum where public and private sectors collaborate on environmental issues
  • Providing businesses with a voice regarding overreaching environmental and business regulations
  • Bringing together environmental expertise and Entrepreneural  creativity to address real environmental issues

 As a member of the BEC, your benefits include (additional benefits listed below):

  • Your Business profile page on the BEC web site
  • Your own listing in the private BEC member directory
  • VIP access to meetings, mixers and events
  • Sponsorship opportunities at BEC events
1 Year - (Listed) Small Business Membership $297.00 
  Do it yourself - Regular rate $750  
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1 Year - (Verified) Small Business Membership $997.00 
  Personal BEC Adviser - Regular rate $1500  
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1 Year - (Certified) Corporate Membership $4,997.00 
  Trusted Adviser Program - Organizational Membership  
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1 Year - Associate Member - Non-profit $497.00 
  Non-profit and membership organizations affiliated with the BEC  
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1 Year - Associate Member - Non-Business Individual $97.00 
  Individuals with no business affiliation  
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1 Year - Student Membership $20.00 
  High School and College Students  
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1 Year - Civil Service - Federal / State/ Local Government $497.00 
  Government Organizations working with the BEC and BEC membership  
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